Expungement FAQ’s

San Diego Expungement FAQ Lawyer

Q. What is an expungement?

A. If you have been arrested and convicted, you may be able to expunge (or erase) your criminal record. In California, having your conviction erased means the finding of guilt has been removed from your record and your case has been dismissed. For the most part, when your conviction is expunged, it’s like your conviction never happened.

Q. If my record is expunged, how will I benefit?

A. As mentioned above, when your criminal record is cleared, it’s almost like your conviction never happened. You can legally and truthfully answer “No” to any questions asked about a criminal conviction. Not having a criminal record will also make you more marketable in a tough job market, make it easier for you to qualify for financial loans, and make it clear to your loved ones that you have put the past behind you and are focused on the future.

Q. How long does the expungement process take?

A. In most cases, our aggressive expungement attorneys in San Diego at San Diego Expungement Attorney Group may be able to get your record cleared in as little as two months. But, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, it may take us longer to get your record erased. Please call our law firm today. We can discuss your case details and tell you how much time we think it will take to get your conviction erased and your case dismissed.

Q. I was convicted of a felony. Do I qualify for an expungement?

A. As a convicted felon, you may be able to have your sentence reduced. If your sentence is reduced, you can also attempt to have your criminal record wiped clean. However, only some felonies can be reduced and if you were sentenced to state prison it is not possible to reduce the conviction. A reduced conviction is not as beneficial as an erased conviction, but it can restore many legal rights, such as gun ownership rights.

Q. I’m on probation. Can I have my record expunged?

A. If you are currently on probation, you may be able to file a petition for early probation termination. If you meet all the requirements for early probation release, you may be released from your probation earlier than scheduled. If you are released from probation early, you can petition the court for an expungement.

Q. Is my record still visible after it is expunged?

A. Your record may be visible after having your criminal record wiped clean, which is why it is important your record is updated with the most current information. There are hundreds of private online criminal database companies who sell your private and personal information to anyone conducting a background check. At San Diego Expungement Attorney Group, we know how frustrating it can be to not qualify for a job or house simply because your record has not been updated with the correct information. We will make sure the most important private database companies have the right information immediately after we get your criminal conviction cleared.

Q. Is it possible to own a gun as an ex-con?

A. As an ex-con, it may be possible to restore your right to own a firearm. There are several legal options you may qualify for, including a sentence reduction or a Certificate of Rehabilitation. To reduce your record, the crime you committed must be considered a “wobbler” crime. Wobbler crimes are offenses that could have been charged as a misdemeanor, but for various reasons were not. If you were sentenced to state prison, your gun ownership rights are limited and pursuing a case to get your gun rights back may be very challenging, which is why you should hire an attorney with years of gun rights restoration experience.

Q. How much does it cost to expunge my criminal record?

A. At San Diego Expungement Attorney Group, our experienced expungement lawyers in San Diego believe quality legal help should be affordable. For a small fee, you can erase your past mistakes, improve your quality of life, and make your future bright. If you have questions about the cost of expungement, please call our law firm as soon as possible.

Q. How do I begin the expungement process?

A. To begin the expungement process, contact an experienced and skilled expungement lawyer as soon as possible. Do not wait to seek quality legal help. You control when the process starts, so get legal help today. An experienced attorney should not waste any time gathering the necessary information to prepare and file your petition. Call (619) 821-8171 right away to schedule an appointment for a free case consultation.