Criminal Database Removal

San Diego Criminal Database Removal Lawyer

You were serious about clearing the mistakes of your past, but because of circumstances beyond your control, you were not able to expunge or remove your record. You’ve tried to move on, but your criminal record keeps getting in the way of your life, and now, you need to take action.

A successful expungement can improve the rest of your life, however, when you can’t clear a previous offense, it is highly recommended you remove your profile from the hundreds of online private background check companies. Although not as effective as clearing your record, criminal database removal is the next best thing. The criminal database removal lawyers in San Diego at San Diego Expungement Attorney Group have years of experience helping individuals remove their profile from databases and can put our legal knowledge to work for you.

How Databases Work

As mentioned above, there are many private background check companies who gather criminal record information and then sell that information, in bits and pieces, to potential employers, landlords, lenders or anyone running a criminal background check on you. What information do these databases provide? In addition to providing an individual’s criminal history they can provide inquiring parties with his or her phone number, address, and other types of personal information.

What We Do

You can rest assured that with us on your side, your record will be removed from many of the most important and biggest criminal record databases on the Internet, such as Intelius, Been Verified, LexisNexis, and Accurint. Although we can’t guarantee your record will be completely removed from the Internet, you will make your criminal record much harder to find and significantly increase your chances of passing most background checks. There is no need to worry about a potential employer, lender, landlord, friend or loved one from finding your record, call our firm now to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Aggressive Legal Help

Unfortunately, many people try to attempt the removal process on their own without any success. We can spare you the headache and the time involved trying to get your profile removed. We have fine-tuned our criminal record removal process to make sure it is done as easily and quickly as possible. We are aggressive litigators who have built strong relationships with the most important databases. When we call, they listen, and are quick to meet our requests.

Your Best Interest at Heart

Do not let your past interfere with your future! At San Diego Expungement Attorney Group, our criminal database removal attorneys in San Diego have your best interest at heart and will not rest until your record is removed from potentially damaging databases. From the moment we are hired, we will aggressively negotiate with for profit private background check companies on your behalf and make sure they only share the information you want them to share.

How Long Will it Take?

How long will it take to remove my criminal record from databases? It usually takes about a month from the moment you contact our firm to the minute we call you to tell you your background has been wiped. Because every case is different, the time is takes to wipe a record clean may vary. If hired to handle your case, our caring criminal database removal lawyers in San Diego at San Diego Expungement Attorney Group will gladly give you an update on how the removal process is going at anytime.

Getting the Process Started

Let’s get the process started for you now. Call our caring staff at (619) 821-8171 today. The only information you need to give us is your full legal name, your date of birth, a copy of your driver’s license, and a list of all the places you have lived. Do not be concerned about the cost of having your record removed from databases, for a small fee you can move on.